Wednesday, January 10, 2018

January 2018 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 9 Jan 2018
25 present (1 guest)

Welcome & Announcements:
**We welcomed one of Betsy’s co-workers, Crystal Foglmann, a new member and active calligrapher, to our meeting.
**Annual dues are due in February.  Checks should be given or sent to Sherry.
**Elections will take place next month and anyone is eligible to present someone’s name for a position with their permission. 
**Candy will take over the Guild Member birthday list while Leslie looks after her mother in GA.
**Carole will be presenting our meeting next month when we’ll be stenciling our guild logo onto prewashed t-shirts, aprons, or fabric bags.  The guild will provide the black or white fabric paint and a list of supplies will be sent out in the next eDigest.
**If you’d like your Valentine’s Day cards canceled with a stamp from Loveland, CO, get them in the King Sooper mailbox or to their post office by Feb 1.
**Three local libraries (21C, East, and Sand Creek) have open times for doing crafts in their spaces. 
**Give your card tops from Christmas or any other occasion to TJ.  She sends a box to St. Jude’s about once a year for them to recycle the tops into cards for sale.
**Our next workshop entitled ‘Luscious Layers’ is set for Fri/Sat March 23/24 with Jacqueline Sullivan at Cottonwood. Checks for registration can be sent to Sherry with a postmark no sooner than Jan 22.  There are 16 slots available. 
**Congratulations to Shelley for being named as one of the top 100 websites for writers in 2018!

Show & Share:

**Theresa showed us one of the examples of Kim’s ‘Secret Belgian’ book binding.  

**Kimmi created a sweet little pocket book of the 12 Days of Christmas a s a gift for her daughter this year.

**Carole made and covered a box to store several photo albums and scrapbooks she created as part of a wedding gift.

Evening Presentation:
**Kathy Sullivan introduced us to some of Andrew Fox’s Calligraphic Animals via his book ‘Learn To Draw Calligraphic Animals’.  She also had examples of animals created using the words as texture inside spaces made to resemble animals either through flourishing using a pointed pen or various designs using an edged pen.  She showed us how we could trace a shape and fill it in with what we do best when it comes to lettering styles. 

From Andrew Fox's book

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