Wednesday, October 10, 2018

October 2018 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 9 Oct 2018
16 present (2 guests)
Paper Piecing with Kimmi Brown

Welcome & Announcements:
**Candy was not up to coming so soon after recent knee replacement surgery, so Kimmi Brown stepped in as President.
** We welcomed Judy Applegarth who found us by seeing our work in the Commonwheel Gallery exhibit last month and Nancy Johnson who is a Stampin’Up rep and was with us once before.
Karen thanked Lynn for carting the library around in her absence.
**Kimmi reviewed a few highlights of the upcoming retreat at the Franciscan Center.  It’s not too late to register.  There will be 3 classes, plenty of time for visiting, playing games, or working on stuff you bring or learn in class. She and Cecelia stressed it’s a great way to get to know one another better.
**Cecelia is teaching a sewing class for the Western Sewing group she’s associated with.
**We were encouraged to send Aaron Packard’s 11 year old son a card since we heard of his diagnosis of leukemia.

Show & Share:
**Nancy brought recent samples of paper from Stampin’UP!
**Kim H brought samples of the kinds of books we’ll be making in her class at the retreat, and promoted The Art of The Fold by Hedi Kyle and Ulla Warchol.  She says it’s a must have for anyone interested in making books or folded cards.
**Cecelia brought books from her library she was selling for super cheap.

Evening Presentation:
**Kimmi had wonderful samples to pass around of projects she’s constructed with bits of cut paper. She often uses pictures in children’s book for inspiration.  She presented three different approaches and encouraged us to visualize shapes as she does to make the construction a bit easier.  

Book Kim Hetherington promoted

Sweet forest Characters Kimmi created

Sample of Kimmi's paper piecing

art Kimmi collects

more art Kimmi collects

Kimmi's best friend!

Kimmi's work

Paper bear she taught us to create for a card

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

September 2018 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 11 Sept 2018
16 present
Tips & Tricks (suggestions from the peanut gallery!)

Welcome & Announcements:
**Our lending library is available each and every month. Check out some of the terrific books we own!
**Kim Hetherington plans to do a class on bookbinding at our retreat in Oct.  Prior to that, she will have supplies to make creative papers Oct 6that library 21C from 10-2 in their ‘create space’.  Please bring sheets of Arches Text wove with you if you sign up to attend.
**Kathy Sullivan plans to present a linoleum print cutting class for us.  We will need basic supplies like tracing paper, a pencil and eraser, a wooden spoon, and an idea.  Look on line for linoleum print ideas.
**Candy Entingh plans to have a fun class using mixed media with white gesso.
**Sherry will offer a Copperplate class in her home for 4 Thursdays in November.  Contact her if you’re interested.  
**Binders Keepers is a bookbinding guild that meets every other month.  Their next meeting is the 2ndSat in Nov at 21C form 2-4.
**Sketch the Springs, a sketching group, meets the 3rd Sat each month from 10-12:30.  
**Kathy reported that our submissions for the gallery showing were a huge success and she greatly appreciated our involvement. The last day of the show is Monday the 17th.

Show & Share:
**This mostly doubled as our evening presentation…

Evening Presentation:
**We went around the room, one at a time, showing what little tricks or tips we thought were relevant or helpful.  A few things that were helpful to me were…. The use of a glue stick to add gold leaf to various pieces.  Lighter fluid is a good cleaner.  It evaporates and doesn’t leave a residue.  Elmers tape strip is easy to use.  Isopropyl alcohol will eat dried acrylic and inks.  Use a flip calendar as a stand up cheat sheet with reduced exemplars.

Kim's marbled booklet

Kim Hetherington
Kim's example of tooling in leather

Kim's folded pouch

Kristi Lyons had several examples to show the different nibs or pencils she used for the four pieces below

Cheryls gold leaf placement

Sherry's flip book

Monday, July 16, 2018

July 2018 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 10 July 2018
22 present (1 guest)
Adventures in Paper with Candy Entingh

Welcome & Announcements:
**We welcomed Diane Gidley as a first-timer and new member to our meeting! 
**Kathy gave us several dates to remember and encouraged us to get our paper work in if we want to submit pieces for the show and haven’t handed it in yet. The gallery will take 40% commission, so we were told to price our pieces with that in mind. Prints are acceptable. If you have business cards, leave a stack with your pieces.  
The dates to remember:
August 7-inventory paperwork needs to be into Juanita at Commonwheel.  The form is online.  It can be filled out on line and submitted electronically or you can print it out, fill it in, and send it snail mail or hand-deliver it by the 7th.
August 14-Pieces need to be to Commonwheel.  Their hours are 10 am -8 pm.  Kathy agreed to accept your work at her house prior to the 14th
August 17-Friday Art Walk/Opening & Reception 5-8 pm The Board will supply fruit and veggie trays for the reception.
**Our annual picnic will be Tuesday Aug 14 @6:30 at Karen McGinn’s.  She lives in a gated community within Kissing Camels.  If you plan to attend let Carole Rudy know by the day before so she can give the list to Karen who will give it to the gate guard.  The guild will provide the meat from Rudy’s and we are to bring a side dish.  
**Sherry will offer an in-home class on Copperplate in October.  She will have sign-up sheets available soon.  The 4 classes are $65 with a $20 rebate if you attend all 4 classes. 
**Shelley Hitz introduced her newly published faux brush lettering workbook, available on Amazon.
**Crystal Folgmann is willing to help put together a mini workshop to publish/print original paperwork into wrapping paper.
**The Board will meet on Jul 28 to discuss the details of the Retreat in October.

Show & Share:
**TJ had several Secret Belgian journals she plans to submit to the show.
**Sherry showed us a sampling of the cards she is making for the show.
**Kathy Hutchinson gave a quick review of The Creative Call by Janice Elsheimer.

Evening Presentation:
**Candy worked with 2 other gals to cut large sheets of specialty papers she ordered from Paper & Ink so we could try each one out with a variety of mediums from colored pencils, to ink and gouache, to pastels, watercolors, and plain old pencil.  It was a great practical exercise, complete with the name and  description of each kind of paper.  Very helpful! 

Sherry's Cards

Crystals wrapping paper
TJ's Journals
TJ's Trials
TJ's Journals

Cheryl's experiments!

June 2018 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 11 Jun 2018
23 present
Making paper Beads with Carole Rudy

Welcome & Announcements:
**Kathy Sullivan passed out copies of the forms we need to fill out if we are submitting any work to Commonwheel Art Gallery in August.  She gave more details of what is expected, and encouraged us to make 3-D items as well.  Digital pictures of our work as well as the forms need to be sent to Commonwheel by Friday, June 22.  The show will begin Fri, August 17.
**The guild’s “Art In Hand” retreat will be $75 for 4/3-hour classes, lodging at the Franciscan Retreat Center and $50 for commuters.  Kathy Sullivan will do a linoleum class, Kim Hetherington will do one on book binding, and Candy one on mixed media.
**The Sherrie Loveler workshop “Painting Poetry”, is a no lettering workshop creating marks and background designs the weekend of June 23/24.

Show & Share:
**Shelley Hitz showed several versions of work she digitized and used on business cards and greeting cards. 
**Cecelia showed us a piece she did in her recent workshop with Sherrie Loveler.

Evening Presentation:
**Carole had several stations set up for embossing our newly rolled beads and heating them with a heat gun. We were to have brought strips of colored paper and she showed us how to roll them into different diameters and explained how the shapes will change depending on the width and length of each strip of paper.  This was a very fun and practical presentation and a lot of work went into putting it together, so thank you, Carole!  

Cecelia's piece 

Carole's paper strips and bead example board
Earrings Cecelia made from paper beads

Monday, May 14, 2018

May 2018 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 8 May 2018
18 present (3 guests)
Brush Lettering with Shelley Hitz

Welcome & Announcements:
**We welcomed 3 guests who also became new members!  Nancy Johnson, Jan Cederberg, and Mariah Olson.
**We will be making paper beads with Carole and Cheryl.  Carole brought srips of different kinds of paper for us to start collecting as well as examples to inspire us.  She asked us to watch a 20 minute video before coming next month.  The link should be found in the upcoming eDigest.
**Our featured exhibit at Commonwheel in August needs a title!  The Board will make a selection from member suggestions sent in before the next Board meeting.  We also need to have our own pieces numbered and titled and given to Kathy by the end of July.  She will need publicity photos to promote the showing.
**Our next workshop will feature Sherrie Loveler and “Painting Poetry”, a no lettering workshop creating marks and background designs the weekend of June 23/24.  Cheryl will accept registrations checks after a postmarked date of May 15.
**Shelley Hitz will also offer a one day brush lettering workshop on June 23.

Show & Share:
**Cecelia had a beautifully lettered name for a recent addition to her sister’s family. 
**TJ had 3 wedding versals inspired by Adolf Bernd.
**Cheryl showed us her doodle book she adds to while watching TV!

Evening Presentation:

**Shelley gave us a brief introduction of how she became proficient as a writing coach and an artist.  Her approach to brush lettering was very helpful showing incremental steps. She used a variety of brush markers and even did some demonstrations with Crayola bullet markers.   Shelley explained the benefits of using smooth paper as opposed to watercolor paper to preserve the tips of nicer brush markers.  All in all, it was a very inspirational time.

Shelley's Samples

Thursday, April 12, 2018

April 2018 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 10 Apr 2018
24 present
Fun with Pointed with Sherry Weaver

Welcome & Announcements:
**All framed pieces for the August gallery exhibit at Commonwheel must have a wire hanger.  No saw-tooth hangers are acceptable.  Any sayings or quotes used by individuals who are alive or have been dead less than 75 years are copyrighted.  You must acquire their permission to use.  Please note some translations of the Bible and hymns that are not public domain are also under copyright restrictions.
**TJ wrote out detailed directions for lacing spine of the Secret Belgian Binding books we made.  Email her if you’d like a copy.
**Candy and Cecelia are recovering nicely from their recent surgeries. 

Show & Share:
**Cecelia brought a garden-themed lettering piece she plans to print onto fabric.
**Tom had a lovely airbrushed painting of Bartlett pears on canvas.
**Jim & TJ brought books they finished.  Jim used some of his own marbled paper.
**Carole brought a book entitled “Silent Music” featuring good color combinations and hand lettering.

Evening Presentation:

**Sherry passed out exemplars of a variety of cartouches and embellished flourishes she enjoys doing as well as scraps of colored paper for us to use.  She likes using Pearl-Ex metallic watercolor paints and McCaffrey’s inks.  She demonstrated several examples step by step encouraging us to turn our paper and use pressure for thickening parts of petals.

Friday, March 16, 2018

March 2018 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 13 March 2018
23 present (2 guests)
Secret Belgian Book Binding with Kim Hetherington

Welcome & Announcements:
**Kimmi ran the meeting as Candy is recovering from a recent hip-replacement surgery.
**We welcomed 2 new guests, Shirley Dale and Merrily Johnson.
**Karen quickly reviewed the policy for checking out books from our mobile library.
**A few upcoming workshops were brought to our attention:  Painted Poetry with Sherrie Loveler June 23/24, a 2-month workshop this summer with Julian Waters, and Barbara Close in next March.
**Michael’s has a new section they call The Write Place featuring pens and finer paper like tablets and journals of Rhodia in dot or grid form.
**Kathy let us know 3-D items  (books, work on tile, fabric, canvas etc.) are welcome at Commonwheel.  We’ll also be responsible for bringing food for opening night.  More info when we’re closer to August. 
**Shelly will be doing a watercolor lettering demo from 5:30-8:30 at 555 E. Pikes Peak.  She recommends HP Premium LaserJet paper from Amazon.

Show & Share:
**Mary has been doing an online paper weaving class and brought several examples she did since we last met.
**Kimmi has 2 framed pieces featuring plastic netting she melted into a collage.
Sherry had a number of handmade cards with her fine copperplate script and embellishments.

Evening Presentation:
**Kim gave us pre-cut book board s and spine last month to cover and punch.  We were to bring these to the meeting and she made sure we all had waxed linen and needles and paper for a jig.  She demonstrated the Secret Belgian Binding technique using the overhead and then went around to help out where needed.  Once we did several rows, it started to really come together. 
**Kim also showed us how to sew our sections into the spine.  There are links to 3 different websites she recommends for further help on how to cover book boards and how to lace up the binding. 

Mary's Paper Weaving

Sherry's Handmade Cards

Kimmi's pieces

Kim's mock-up