Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Card Making From Home

1 Jun 2020

Recently, a number of us participated in making birthday or general-sentiment cards for our guild members.  Typically, we gather for a couple of card-making sessions to fund our card stock-pile, but with the restrictions in place for COVID, we opted to do them on our own.  TJ agreed to meet everyone in the Costco parking lot on Nevada to collect what was made and deliver them to Leslie.  Thank you to all who participated!  I think we met our goal for numbers!  Below are some examples of what was made.  tj


Saturday, January 18, 2020

January 2020 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 14 Jan 2020
26 present (1 guest)
Decorated Envelopes with Kimmi

Welcome & Announcements:
**We welcomed Terri Ayer’s friend, Denise Nelson to the meeting.  
**Leslie announced a card making day at Kimmi’s on Fri, Feb 7th. There will be a sign-up sheet, and we’re to bring the basics like scissors and glue.
**Marie Hornbeck, last year’s IAMPETH president will be at our March 10thmeeting to talk about bringing cursive writing back into the elementary schools.
**Lynn F wanted folks to know the paper she used for her Christmas card was Deluxe Black from John Neal on page 33 of the most recent catalog.
**Randy Hasson will be here for a weekend workshop on 20thCentury Letters in both March and April.  Still only $75 for members.
**Annual dues are going up to $30 in February to cover the additional cost of obtaining Liability Insurance for the guild that will cover us during our meetings at Mesa Hills Bible Church, and anywhere we have meetings and workshops
**Sketch the Springs is a drawing group that meets every 3rdSaturday. Contact Cheryl Carey for more information.

Show & Share:
**Elma-a whole board of decorated envelopes people sent her as she gets well
**Sherry-pointed pen lettered cards with metallic crystal embellishments
**Deb-fabric coasters with letter strips/hand painted wooden box with lettering/bottle of infused vinegar with lettered label
**Tom-airbrushed photo of a shark
**Cheryl- photos of alcohol ink paintings & a portrait of a man who looks like her husband
**Cindi-examples of her Italian hand
**Kimmi-Travel Journal from her trip to Egypt & Jordan

Book Review:
**TJ shared Margaret Morgan’s The Bible of Illuminated Letters: A Treasury of Decorative Calligraphy.  She found it one of the most helpful resources for tools and paper and use and selection of velum and well documented steps for gilding, grinding inks, and mixing gouaches.  The second portion of the book is designated to illustrate 6 different styles of Illuminated Letters to include Gothic, Romanesque, and Ottonian.  The latter portion is a gallery of modern art using some of the techniques she describes.    

Tips & Tricks:
**TJ passed out syringes to be used to draw ink from a bottle and refill a cartridge or bladder.  She showed us how to take the cap off to expose the needle and how to twist the cap off if we wanted to use the syringe without the needle.  She cautioned using it for thicker fluids like gouache.

Evening Presentation:
**Kimmi introduced the evening by showing us examples of previous Graceful Envelope winners, TJ, Deb, and Cheryl.  This year’s theme, sponsored by the Washington DC Guild, is ‘Double Vison’. She also showed us a slew of examples she pulled off of Pinterest for ideas and ways we can use lettering in creative ways to put some spunk into our mail!  Nice work, Kimmi!





Super fun name tags!



Elma's Envelopes



Thursday, November 14, 2019

November 2019 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 12 Nov 2019
27 present (1 guest)
Holiday Gift Tags with Sherry Weaver

Welcome & Announcements:
**We welcomed Mike Worley to our meeting.  He found us through a recommendation of an instructor, Nick ? from the Bay Area,f who taught at the Fountain Pen convention in Denver this past October.
**We each received 2 teal-colored fliers Carole put together, and were asked to keep one and give the other one away.
**We’ve set Saturday, Sept 12, 2020 as a full day of member studio tours.
**Lynn Severson had 3 tables of give away, from wallpaper books to card making papers and stickers.
**Mary R ordered UHU glue sticks form Amazon and we were able to pay her for them at the meeting. 
**Kim Herthington heads up the area bookbinder club, dubbed Binder’s Keepers.  She teaches classes at 21C.  Check out their website for more information.
**Remember to bring 30 cards to this year’s Annual Christmas Party hosted by Leslie.  Since she lives in Monument, we will keep the start at 6:30 pm.  She had a sign up sheet to bring an appetizer, salad, or dessert.
**Leslie passed around a sign up sheet to send birthday cards to members next year.  Cards and stamps will be provided.
**We’d like to add Tips & Tricks to our monthly meetings, so TJ asked volunteers to sign up.  To add to this, she showed how a contact container could be used to hold a bit of glue in one side and water in the other.  Lonnie said she found a nail filing block at Sally’s to be super helpful in rubbing over a raised portion of a piece of paper to highlight the embossing.  
**TJ passed around a sheet to sign up to do a book or article review during our monthly meetings next year.  

Show & Share:
**Karen McGinn told us the story behind the folded birthday card she was sending for a special occasion, plus she had a lovely piece she lettered of a famous drinking song and vintage book marks she made for her book club ladies.
**Leslie found an idea in Bound and Lettered and tweaked it a bit by lettering snowflake designs in white gouache on blue paper.
**Nel brought the large art journal she put together at the recent retreat.  She used sheets of watercolor paper and added samples of work she’s done over the years. 
**A few brought some print examples from the retreat as well.  
**Mary brought her art journal and samples of wine bottle slips she made at Cecelia’s Sip & Sew class.
**Christie Lee brought a print she plans to use as her Christmas card this year.
**Sherry brought her art journal and inked prints.
**Kathie H brought the envelopes she plans to use for her Christmas cards this year.
**Kathy S showed us a finished graduated color piece she did using Photo Shop and computer graphics.  

Evening Presentation:
**Sherry had a nice selection of gift tags for us to use as examples of ways to reuse paper and embellishments we probably have around the house.  Each was beautifully lettered with names.  There were sheets of tags to cut out, and two tables strewn buttons/ doodads/fun paper/stickers/string and ribbon galore.  We were free to cut out as many tags as we wanted and go to town creating a variety of them with Christmas in mind.

Candy's book binder journal using the long stitch

Lonnies highlighting effect

Nel's art journal

Leslie's lettering

Karen McGinn's birthday card

Drinking song karen taught her niece

Christie Lee's print/Christmas card

Sherry's collection of tags

Kathy S

Cheryl's tags

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

October 2019 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 8 Oct 2019
15 present
Pens, Inks, & Paper with Kristi Lyons and Mixing the Color Purple with Candy Entingh

Welcome & Announcements:
**Cecelia would like someone to help with or take over the Summit Scribes website.
**Carole made flyers and had them printed for passing out at events in the future.
**Our Guild Retreat is coming up quickly!  Please see the email Candy sent for details to include, time, place, meals, art supplies for each class and directions.  
**If anyone outside of a guild member would like to come to the retreat IF we have room, the cost would include a new membership fee of $30 in addition to $75 for the retreat.
**Dues will increase from $25 to $30 in February to cover the cost of the church is requiring for insurance.
**Cheryl brought books from Randy Hasson’s class he taught at IAMPETH for us to get an idea of what he plans to teach next for our March and April workshops.
**Cecelia let us know Netflix has a series called ‘Abstract’ she thinks is fascinating
 **Binders Keepers meets from 10-2 at Library 21C on the 2nd Saturday of odd months (Jan/Mar/May) and is taught by Kim Hetherington.  Check it out! 
**Inktober…Post your lettering or sketches on line. 

Show & Share:
**Mary passed around pretty cool papers she made in Mary Heepert’s paper making class in the mountains. One even included a snake skin!  She also made an accordion file/booklet at the class.
**Jacque made a number of fun Halloween cards. 
**Kathy had a poster she made for Commonwheel.  She explained what was done by hand and what she did on the computer.
**Kristi had an envelope she lettered for Elma.
**?? made a folding cache with a flap for papers or notes.
**Cheryl filled a sketchbook she picked up as a freebie on the table using a small pen that blends well with water.
**Carole had some things we could take before she sent the leftovers to Who Gives A Scrap.

Evening Presentation:
**Kristi had a slew of inks and different papers and encouraged us to try what we brought or use her samples to see what worked best and what didn’t.  She had a chart we could fill in to help remember good combinations.
**Candy loves the color purple and it’s not so easy to mix.  She used cool reds and blues to make a nice 
warm purple.  Nice work, girls!

Mary's snake skin paper

Mary's accordion holder

Cheryl's sketchbook

Flier Carole did

Kristi's demo

Candy's demo

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

September 2019 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 10 Sept 2019
16 Present
Colorful Expression with Lynn Friedberg

Welcome & Announcements:
**Kimmi, Candy, and Lynn showed us what they will be teaching during the retreat using what we already have on hand!  Kimmi will teach us how to repurpose all sorts of items for giving gifts.  Candy will show us how to use cereal boxes to make art journals, and Lynn will show us how to make a one of a kind print using acrylics. 
**Reservations fare being accepted now for the Guild Retreat at the Hideaway this year.  The amount we pay is ½ of the cost, with the guild picking up the remainder of the tab. Please see the detailed email Candy sent out for all the info regarding the retreat.  
**We have agreed to letter bookmarks for Cottonwoods First Friday on Oct 4 from 5-8 PM.  Lonnie, Kimmi, Sherry, and Lynn will bring their own supplies.
**Elma is in rehab for a recent surgery to remove a pituitary gland tumor.  Please send cards to her house as an encouragement to her.  
**The guild purchased 3 books for the library by Julian Waters, a Herman Zaph book (and 2 smaller ones of the same book, similar topic) and one of letters between his parents called Rising Waters.

Show & Share:
**Nancy showed a traveling journal she made using laminated double-sided paper as the cover.  

Evening Presentation:
**Lynn had a nice exemplar of Uncial for us to use to practice letters with a broad edged C-1 or C-0 pen.  She was using this as a springboard to add color to a variety of words we chose to illustrate mood and attitude.  There were strips of paper to letter on and use for the inside of a folded accordion book. She suggested we could assemble them at the retreat since we wouldn’t have time during the monthly meeting.  

Candy's Art Journal

Kimmi's Collection

Lynn doing her lettering

Accordion Books

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

July 2019 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 9 July 2019
13 present
Parallel Pen Play with Krisit Lyons

Welcome & Announcements:
**Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo kicks off tonight, so may be the reason our numbers are down.
**Those going to IAMPETH next week are encouraged to bring or buy a copy of the latest Speedball book for contributors to sign. Paper & Ink will have copies on hand during the conference. 
**Elma has a clot in her elbow and her surgery has been postponed until she is cleared.

Show & Share:
**Jim brought several sheets of marbling paper he’s done and envelopes he’s created.
**Cecelia brought fabrics she created from lettering she did in Julian’s Textura class.
**Candy showed us how she took an old purse and turned it into a travel journal.

Evening Presentation:
**Kristi had colorful handouts for each of us as well as a print out from Carol DuBosh.  She explained the parts of the pen, how to clean it and how to load it with gouache or non-waterproof inks.  She went on to demonstrate how twisting the pen and loading it with different colors can create some pretty cool designs!