Thursday, June 15, 2017

June 2017 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 13 June 2017
19 present (1 guest)

Welcome & Announcements:
**We welcomed Wendy Zieres, a friend of Cheryl’s from church.
**Leslie needs birthday cards to send to guild members as well as general cards for sympathy or get wells. 
**Karen S reminded us we now have Bound & Lettered and Lettered Arts Review subscriptions available to check out in the mobile library. 
**Our beloved Kay will be moving to OK to be closer to her daughter.  She will leave a huge hole in our guild. 
**The annual picnic in August will be held at Candy’s house this year in addition to a book fair and silent auction.  Please bring any duplicate books or give aways (to include paper/tools/etc.) to our monthly meeting in July.  All proceeds from the sale of these items will go to West Side Cares.
**Jemma Black will be presenting a workshop in early September.  More details to follow.
**12 people attended Cheryl Dyer’s workshop a few weeks ago.

Show & Share:
**Kathy S did another Manitou Springs piece for Commonwheel.
**Cheryl had samples from Cheryl Dyer’s Italic workshop.
**Kimmi had some wild creations using postage stamps.
**Candy brought water-colored evergreen tree cards she plans to use for her Christmas cards!

Presentation: Suminagashi  (Su mi NA ga shi)
**Suminagishi is a kind of marbling with inks that originated in China over 2,000 years ago and moved on to be a popular art form in Japan.  Kay told us it is easier than doing marbling and doesn’t have to be done quickly.   Paper without sizing gives the boldest colors, and as we found out, most envelopes have been sized. 

**We had two trays of water, one brush loaded with soapy water and the other dipped in one of 6 colored inks.  She showed us how to make concentric rings, blow them out of shape and drop our envelope onto the surface to pick up the inks.  It was quick and easy and very fun!   

and for our evening presentation.........Suminagashi envelopes!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

May 2017 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 9 May 2017
26 present (1 guest)

We enjoyed a potluck dinner to thank the Board for their work with the guild, and there was plenty to go around!

Welcome & Announcements:
**Amy's daughter, Laura, joined us for tonight's meeting.
**Cheryl Dyer will present Italic Variations and Creative Envelope Designs this June 3 & 4.  You can see some of her work on her website
**The guild has subscribed to Lettered Arts Review and Bound & Lettered.  You can check them out at the library Karen brings each month.  The latest edition features a photo of Cecelia's white lettering on a blue t-shirt.
**A maker Space is available at the East Library on N. Union for anyone interested in teaching a class.  Sherry taught an introductory Italic and Pointed Pen class at the same library last Saturday.  There were 10 students and 6 on a waiting list!  More classes to follow!
**Elizabeth Hasen is offering classes in Paper-making at Cottonwood.
**Carole brought a color grid she designed using the Procion fabric dye colors from Carol Pallesen's workshop in Oct.  She found the dyes did not fade over the past 6 months when exposed to bright sunlight.

Show & Share:
**Cecelia brought some of the engraved leather items she plans to sell at conference this year.  She had leather desk guards/pads and little trays both with her own lettering engraved in each piece.
**Kathy S had a sample post card she hopes to present for sale to the city of Manitou Springs.
**Cheryl brought in her semi Zentangle piece entitled "Wander".
**Kimmi painted an old wooden box and lettered the top with white brush lettering as a gift box.

Presentation: Chalk Board Art
**Leslie went above and beyond introducing us to chalkboard art.  She had several examples on hand from wooden gift tags to food signs used for buffets to boards full of sample designs.  She had handouts with exemplars and banner designs for us to try.  We each received a board of our own and dustless chalk to take home.  Leslie taught us to season our new boards by rubbing a piece of chalk all over the surface and then wiping it off with a rag to prevent "ghosting" (seeing a chalk image after it has been erased).  This was a lot of work on her part and a lot of fun for us!

Cecelia's engraved leather
Kathy's "Postcard" (top)
Kathy's "pseudo" chalkboard art 
Cheryl's "Wander"

Enjoying our potluck

Sample food signs
More sample signs

Wooden Gift Tags

Leslie's Sample Art
Book Leslie Recommends
Seasoning our board

Pat S

Kathy S





(don't know)

Tom H

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

We're Back!!

We intend to use this blogspot to post pictures of work from our Show & Share time along with abbreviated minutes from our monthly meetings.  Please check back from time to time!  tjk

Thursday, November 21, 2013

November 2013 Meeting

MeetiMeeting Minutes 12 Nov 2013

31 present (6 guests-Jean, Thurman, Linda, Barbara, Lauren, Connie)

Welcome & Announcements:
**Cecelia began by reminding us that our meetings start at 6:30.  Candy will open the doors at 6:00, we can come in anytime after that, welcome and announcements will be from 6:30-6:45, demos from 6:45-7:00 and our presentation from 7:00-8:30.  Clean up will be from 8:30-8:45 in the hopes that we are out of the door for the janitors by 9 PM. 
**Meeting themes for 2014 will start with Jan thru March featuring the Foundational hand for beginners and intermediate.  April is TBD and May Colored Pencils.  15 minute in-house demos will be Versals in Jan, Gothic in Feb, Copperplate in Mar, Uncial in April, and Pointed Brush in May. 
**4-week classes are $60 for 4 lessons, and after all 4 are attended, the guild will reimburse each student $20. Feb dates are Thurs 6/13/20/28 3-5 pm and 6:30-8:30 pm with Cecelia teaching brush lettering for beginners and intermediates in her home.  Cheryl will teach Italic on Tuesdays in Mar in her home. Cecelia will teach Gothic in April and Cindee will teach Uncial in May.
**Workshops booked for 2014:  January 25/26-Jill Berry teaching Painted Papers (16 students/$75 each)  March 22/23-Yves Leterme teaching Modern Versals open to all (16 students/$75 each)  March 2425/26 Yves Leterme’s Master class (10 students/$110 each)
**Save your Thanksgiving and Christmas card tops to send to St. Jude’s so they can make them into other cards for sale.
**Our annual Christmas party will be at Deb’s.  Start time is 6:30.  Please bring food to share and 25 cards if you’d like to participate in our card exchange. 

**Cecelia used the camera/projector to demonstrate samples of Foundational hand with a Pilot Pen and showed us the difference between the basic round style and the waisted version with a manipulated angle. 

Presentation: A Cut Above
**Kay showed a variety of cards and projects she cut into letters and shapes to create a foreground.  She passed out black cardstock to fold into a card and then we cut tree forms out and slid marbled paper in behind it.  Some opted to cut a horizon and/or add a moon.  It was important to keep the borders connected to the interior forms in order to stay connected.  Some good ideas for Kay came from a book on stained glass.  It was a great make and take night!  Thanks, Kay!

Presentation: A Cut Above
**Kay showed a variety of cards and projects she cut into letters and shapes to create a foreground.  She passed out black cardstock to fold into a card and then we cut tree forms out and slid marbled paper in behind it.  Some opted to cut a horizon and/or add a moon.  It was important to keep the borders connected to the interior forms in order to stay connected.  Some good ideas for Kay came from a book on stained glass.  It was a great make and take night!  Thanks, Kay!

Friday, October 11, 2013

October 2013 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 8 Oct 2013
22 present

Welcome & Announcements:
            We welcomed 6 newcomers to our meeting!  The workshop Rustics Re-visited and Re-elaborated by Marie Catherine Letendre and Lia Malfermoni will be held in Italy from April 18-22, 2014 (with another workshop in Berkley, CA).  Passages is still on tour until January in the old Hobby Lobby building on Palmer Park/Academy with manuscripts and illuminated texts.  Discount tickets available at any Hobby Lobby/Mardel store in town.  Cecelia laid out sign up sheets for the 5 study groups we’ll be forming over the next several weeks for those who’d like to get together during the month to work on projects together.  We’ll start with a 6 month commitment and re-evaluate after that. 

            We had two round-robins to get us in the spirit and giving us a jump start on making our Christmas cards this year.  Melinda demonstrated how to make origami trees with square, lightweight, decorated papers from the handout she had.  Simple enough to make many more when we got home.  Cecelia gleaned some ideas from Pinterest and added them to a few of her own to give us some fun and fanciful ways to address our envelopes this Christmas using Dr. Martins Bleed-Proof White and a pointed pen or white gel pen.  (We discovered no one knew how to get dud gel pens to work again, but did find out Uniball Signo Broad is an excellent white gel pen.)