Thursday, April 11, 2019

April 2019 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 9 April 2019
25 present (1 guest)
Junk Journals with Candy

Welcome & Announcements:
**Fran Strom’s daughter has rereleased some of Fran’s old videos in a new format.  Please go to https://franstromcalligraphy.comfor more info or to order one of her helpful resources. 
**Dan Usiak joined us after finding us in the Gazette months ago!
**Since we are a non-profit organization, we are required to give back to the community.  In doing so, we are set to make cards with the residents of the Myron Stratton Home on Thursday, June 13that 2:00. We’ll also be doing something October 4thfrom 5-8 at Cottonwood’s First Friday gallery promotion. April 23rdwe plan to meet at Leslie’s to write on tea cup saucers for the ladies caught in the sex traffic trade.
**Cecelia had high marks for Julian Waters, one of the world’s top 10 calligraphers, who will be here for 2 workshops, one in June on the 8thand 9thand one in August on the 3rdand 4th.  We have filled the 16 slots for the June workshop.  Those who can only make one of the 2 days will be placed on a waiting list if the 16 we have currently can make both days.
**TJ will begin a Basic Italic class tomorrow using the Getty-Dube method.

Show & Share:
**A number of people have been working on this this past month!  Carole brought in the second book published by the Botanical Gardens featuring one of her pieces, and one of Sally’s and Renee Jorgenson’s.  
**Kimmi shared a copy of the Graceful Envelope she submitted.
**Sharon was inspired by last month’s class to create envelope mailers to send to her grandson in HI.
**Leslie created laminated nameplates for her mom’s friends in GA.
**Sally brought in a Rennie McIntosh lettered botanical illustration.
**Tom took a picture of a Dahl sheep and edited the background before making a digital print of it.
**Cecelia had several samples of fabric she designed.  She will be teaching a design class in Boston.
 **Candy showed us how brown paper bags coated with olive oil or coconut oil will resemble paper leather.
**Carole brought in a tile and envelopes she and her granddaughter did with alcohol inks.
**Nancy showed us an alternate travel journal she made.
**Someone made all kinds of Easter cards, but I forget whom….
**Christie lettered “The time has come…” in gold on black paper.

Evening Presentation:
**Candy went to the Dollar Tree and found an assortment of goodies for tonight’s presentation.  She found fun-colored rubber bands, black elastic hair bands, papers, and vinyl placemats we used as our journal covers. She demonstrated one kind of travel journal with a hidden spine before showing us how simple it is to use double-sided papers we already have on hand to create pages and pockets for a travel journal.  Simply supreme!

Candy's Junk Journal

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

March 2019 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 12 Mar 2019
24 present (1 guest)
Elliot Font with Kimmi

Welcome & Announcements:
**No new submissions for Board Members, so the current Board agreed to remain in place.  Each of us took turns in introducing ourselves and explaining what we do in our positions.
**We welcomed Sharon Kumpf, friend of Nancy’s from Stampin’ Up.
**The 2 workshops Julian Waters will be presenting this summer are Gothic Textura.  The second one will build on the first one, but if you can only do the second one, it will be fine.
**Lynn brought some of her wallpaper books.  What isn’t taken at the end of the meeting will be collected for Who Gives A Scrap.
**Candy let us take odd papers she brought from her studio.
**We have a few new service projects coming in the future.  One will be making cards with and for the residents at the Myron Stratton Home.  We also plan to make bookmarks and/or nametags at the 21C library and at a First Friday at Cottonwood Galleries.  Leslie will provide more details down the road.
**A play date for writing on the tea-cup saucers is planned for April 23 at Leslie’s from 1-4 pm.  
**Rose commented on a book she pulled from our guild library called, How To Fold by Larry Withers. She noticed that some of the directions didn’t include measurements with pictures of the folds.  Good Luck with that one!
**Renee Jorgensen is featured in the recent edition of Bound & Lettered along with several photos of her project in process.

Show & Share:
**Cheryl and TJ had envelopes ready to send off to the Graceful Envelope Contest.  
**Candy and Gracie went to a journal-making workshop recently using printed paper towels to imprint water colored paper.  Candy encouraged us to look at the videos by Nik the Booksmith to make funky little books/journals.
**Those who attended Barbara Close’s March 2/3 workshop had their work on display on the back table.

**Kimmi did a great job of presenting us with little folders of her Elliot Font, lovingly named after her dog, Elliot.  She demonstrated how she makes her letters and numbers and where to add weight to them.  She also suggested we make them snuggle up against each other for a more pleasing layout.

Recent edition of Bound & Lettered

Kimmi teaching her Elliot Font

TJ's envelope

Cheryl's envelope

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Barbara Close Workshop

Here are pictures from Barbara Close's Pointed Pen Variations Workshop, Day One.  All featured work belongs to Barbara.

Class work show and tell......

Sunday, Day Two!!!