Wednesday, September 11, 2019

September 2019 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 10 Sept 2019
16 Present
Colorful Expression with Lynn Friedberg

Welcome & Announcements:
**Kimmi, Candy, and Lynn showed us what they will be teaching during the retreat using what we already have on hand!  Kimmi will teach us how to repurpose all sorts of items for giving gifts.  Candy will show us how to use cereal boxes to make art journals, and Lynn will show us how to make a one of a kind print using acrylics. 
**Reservations fare being accepted now for the Guild Retreat at the Hideaway this year.  The amount we pay is ½ of the cost, with the guild picking up the remainder of the tab. Please see the detailed email Candy sent out for all the info regarding the retreat.  
**We have agreed to letter bookmarks for Cottonwoods First Friday on Oct 4 from 5-8 PM.  Lonnie, Kimmi, Sherry, and Lynn will bring their own supplies.
**Elma is in rehab for a recent surgery to remove a pituitary gland tumor.  Please send cards to her house as an encouragement to her.  
**The guild purchased 3 books for the library by Julian Waters, a Herman Zaph book (and 2 smaller ones of the same book, similar topic) and one of letters between his parents called Rising Waters.

Show & Share:
**Nancy showed a traveling journal she made using laminated double-sided paper as the cover.  

Evening Presentation:
**Lynn had a nice exemplar of Uncial for us to use to practice letters with a broad edged C-1 or C-0 pen.  She was using this as a springboard to add color to a variety of words we chose to illustrate mood and attitude.  There were strips of paper to letter on and use for the inside of a folded accordion book. She suggested we could assemble them at the retreat since we wouldn’t have time during the monthly meeting.  

Candy's Art Journal

Kimmi's Collection

Lynn doing her lettering

Accordion Books

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

July 2019 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 9 July 2019
13 present
Parallel Pen Play with Krisit Lyons

Welcome & Announcements:
**Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo kicks off tonight, so may be the reason our numbers are down.
**Those going to IAMPETH next week are encouraged to bring or buy a copy of the latest Speedball book for contributors to sign. Paper & Ink will have copies on hand during the conference. 
**Elma has a clot in her elbow and her surgery has been postponed until she is cleared.

Show & Share:
**Jim brought several sheets of marbling paper he’s done and envelopes he’s created.
**Cecelia brought fabrics she created from lettering she did in Julian’s Textura class.
**Candy showed us how she took an old purse and turned it into a travel journal.

Evening Presentation:
**Kristi had colorful handouts for each of us as well as a print out from Carol DuBosh.  She explained the parts of the pen, how to clean it and how to load it with gouache or non-waterproof inks.  She went on to demonstrate how twisting the pen and loading it with different colors can create some pretty cool designs!  

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Myron Stratton Card-Making Day

As a non-profit organization, we are required to (and want to) provide a service to the community.  We recently went to the Myron Stratton Home, a lovely place for low income couples and individuals.  We were greeted by a friendly activities coordinator and got to work creating 3 different kinds of cards. Some of us helped with cutting and pasting and layout, and others helped with lettering what the residents wanted their cards to say.   For a first-time event, having 7-8 participants was rather encouraging.  They all seemed to enjoy it.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

May 2019 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 19 May 2019
24 present (2 guests)
An Italic Variation with Cecelia

Welcome & Announcements:
**We welcomed Dan’s wife, Terry, and her sister, Cheryl.
**Julian Water’s workshop is full and ready to go.
**8 guild members are planning on attending IAMPETH.
**Candy asked if someone would be willing to review other guild newsletters from their websites and find interesting things to report on each month.  No one showed any interest.  
**Our guild retreat is set for October.  Details will be announced closer to the event.
**Small groups are a great way to get with others interested in different forms of lettering and design. The group Kimmi is in meets whenever and has done jewelry, painting on glass, sewing, paper mache, and gone on a field trip together.  They include Carole, Deb, Cecelia, Margie, and Cheryl.
The group TJ is in meets every other Thursday and take turns hosting in each home.  They have gone through Betty Edward’s Color book, tried to finish a 6-part sampler, and are thinking of looking at Denis Brown’s Italic video at some point in the future.  This group includes Karen S, Sherry, and Leslie.
**Our next service project will be making 3-4 different kids of cards with the residents of the Myron Stratton Home on Thursday, June 13 at 2 pm.              
**Guess what???!!! Tom found his long lost bone folder misplaced after the Barbara Close workshop!!

Show & Share:
**Tom digitized a photo of a stand of Apsen trees.
**Kristi Lyons photo-shopped a Cheers! with balloons.
**TJ made 2 travel journals.
**Christie Lee had a copy of the envelope she sent for the Graceful Envelope Contest.
**Jacque brought a variety of sweet collage cards she made.

Evening Presentation:
**Cecelia presented a variation of an Italic she is very proficient at using a flatter pen angle and steeper slope.  She provided an exemplar along with a few sample of how she’s used it in the past and she walked us through each letter and what to specifically look out for when making it.  Thanks, Cecelia! 

Jacque's Cards

Cecelia's Italic Variation


Thursday, April 11, 2019

April 2019 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 9 April 2019
25 present (1 guest)
Junk Journals with Candy

Welcome & Announcements:
**Fran Strom’s daughter has rereleased some of Fran’s old videos in a new format.  Please go to https://franstromcalligraphy.comfor more info or to order one of her helpful resources. 
**Dan Usiak joined us after finding us in the Gazette months ago!
**Since we are a non-profit organization, we are required to give back to the community.  In doing so, we are set to make cards with the residents of the Myron Stratton Home on Thursday, June 13that 2:00. We’ll also be doing something October 4thfrom 5-8 at Cottonwood’s First Friday gallery promotion. April 23rdwe plan to meet at Leslie’s to write on tea cup saucers for the ladies caught in the sex traffic trade.
**Cecelia had high marks for Julian Waters, one of the world’s top 10 calligraphers, who will be here for 2 workshops, one in June on the 8thand 9thand one in August on the 3rdand 4th.  We have filled the 16 slots for the June workshop.  Those who can only make one of the 2 days will be placed on a waiting list if the 16 we have currently can make both days.
**TJ will begin a Basic Italic class tomorrow using the Getty-Dube method.

Show & Share:
**A number of people have been working on this this past month!  Carole brought in the second book published by the Botanical Gardens featuring one of her pieces, and one of Sally’s and Renee Jorgenson’s.  
**Kimmi shared a copy of the Graceful Envelope she submitted.
**Sharon was inspired by last month’s class to create envelope mailers to send to her grandson in HI.
**Leslie created laminated nameplates for her mom’s friends in GA.
**Sally brought in a Rennie McIntosh lettered botanical illustration.
**Tom took a picture of a Dahl sheep and edited the background before making a digital print of it.
**Cecelia had several samples of fabric she designed.  She will be teaching a design class in Boston.
 **Candy showed us how brown paper bags coated with olive oil or coconut oil will resemble paper leather.
**Carole brought in a tile and envelopes she and her granddaughter did with alcohol inks.
**Nancy showed us an alternate travel journal she made.
**Someone made all kinds of Easter cards, but I forget whom….
**Christie lettered “The time has come…” in gold on black paper.

Evening Presentation:
**Candy went to the Dollar Tree and found an assortment of goodies for tonight’s presentation.  She found fun-colored rubber bands, black elastic hair bands, papers, and vinyl placemats we used as our journal covers. She demonstrated one kind of travel journal with a hidden spine before showing us how simple it is to use double-sided papers we already have on hand to create pages and pockets for a travel journal.  Simply supreme!

Candy's Junk Journal