Monday, January 23, 2012

Play Day Dresses

Last Saturday six of us had a lot of fun together sewing the simple-to-make pillow case dresses that will be headed for Haiti. With just a bit of ribbon, rick-rack, imagination etc. there were a lot of very cute creations hanging on the clothesline by the time we finished for the day.

Friday, January 13, 2012

January 2012 Meeting

Here are some pictures from January's meeting. Enjoy!

Candy and Sherry demonstrating

Paper-bag Weathergrams

Kathy S's Tyvek Weathergram









Kathy S's

Not Sure - let me know

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Minutes from January

Meeting Minutes 10 Jan 2012
25 present

Welcome & Announcements:
**After quick introductions, Cecelia reminded everyone to get to the meetings on time. We should set up and visit from 6:30 to 6:45 when we will devote roughly 15 minutes for business and announcements. We’ll have a quick Show-and-Tell and give the remaining of our meeting to our presenter(s).
**Elections were held and the new Board Members are…Cecelia/President, Kathie H./VP, Sherry/Treasurer, Tammi Jo/Secretary, Cheryl/Workshop Chair, Candy/Communications Chair, Leslie/Outreach Chair.
**Candy said our annual application to meet at Mesa Hills Bible Church was approved.
**Sherry noted that her church is collecting holiday/birthday cards for soldiers and encouraged us to participate.
**Kay passed around the catalog for this year’s Ghost Ranch classes.
**Peter Thornton has agreed to come for our Spring Workshop at the Falcon Fire dept on April 28-29. The topic(s) he will present will be decided later.
**Lonnie and Cecelia will be teaching Copperplate during 3 Saturday classes at Bemis starting Jan 28.
**Cecelia will be teaching Foundational for 5 Thursdays at her home in February.
**Our first Playday will be a sewing day at Karen S Sat, Jan 21 from 9-noon making dresses for little girls in Haiti.
**Unofficial theme for this year is “Team-Teaching”. Cecelia explained that we will have a Point Of Contact each month with 2 helpers. Ideally, the POC will bring a sample of what she plans to present the month before. The idea is to divide us into 3 groups that will spend about 15 minutes at a table, rotating to a different table when the time is up.
**Tammi Jo will present 2-3 ideas each month for things to collect/save for future use.
**Sherry and Lisa will co-chair the Playdates.
**Carole R agreed to be the POC for the Back2Basics classes.
**We all agreed that the Show-and-Tell time was very valuable and should continue.

Show & Tell:
Quite a few gals were busy even during/after the holidays and brought what they had worked on or painted since our last meeting. TJ showed us a few things we should consider before throwing away like calendars, tea bag papers and transparent envelopes.

Weather grams! Candy did a fine job explaining what weather grams were, showed us examples using paper bags and Tyvek, and passed out info (with Sherry’s help) including pictures and samples to spur us on to writing modified haikus on Tyvek with waterproof pens they brought to share. She explained that a hole can’t be punched in Tyvek with a standard hole-punch, so she showed us how to fold our weathergram at the top and cut a hole for lacing string to hang in the trees.