Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 2013 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 9 April 2013
21 Present

 Welcome and Announcements:
            We thought we might have to cancel our meeting due to the high wind/blizzard warnings, but we had a great turnout in spite of the bad weather.
            Cecelia reminded us that next month’s meeting would be in Tammi Jo’s garage as we assemble cupcake tiers for our conference socials.  June will be back at Mesa Hills with Kim showing us book/journal construction and July we’ll be stuffing goodie bags at Leslie’s with a potluck.
            Meiningers is having a 20% off sale this Saturday on in-store items only. 
            A community service project we can get involved with is writing letters to foster kids at summer camp.  More information will be posted in a future e-Digest or call Leslie for more information. 

Show & Tell:
            For the sake of giving more time to Pat, we skipped show and tell tonight. 

            Pat Musick graciously agreed to introduce some of us and reacquaint others of us to the graceful, round Uncial hand of the 6th-9th British centuries.  She began taking calligraphy classes at Reed College in Portland, OR and studied under Lloyd Reynolds.  She went on to master in Uncial and Insular Majuscules in the UK and will be one of our half week faculty members at conference this year.  She had a few handouts and several books on hand.  She demonstrated each letter starting with the “round” family and went around the room encouraging each of us individually.  (The Book of Kells is available for on-line viewing.)

Pat Musick demonstrating Uncial

Willing to work