Wednesday, February 14, 2018

February 2018 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 13 Feb 2018
23 present (1 guest)

Welcome & Announcements:
**Front Range Bible Institute will be meeting downstairs next month so there will be more activity than normal in the building.
**No new nominations for Board Member were submitted. Pat Schrabel motioned to keep the same board members for 2018 and Mary Rhodes seconded the motion.  All were in favor. 
**Candy and Cecelia will both be absent for our March meeting due to surgeries.  We wish them well, and in the meantime, Kimmi will run the March meeting and Kim will present the evening program.
**We were introduced to Cindy Sonnek who came for the first time after meeting Kim at a library bookbinding class!
**Shelley brought canvas bags to stencil on for tonight’s meeting for $3.00.
**There is one slot left for Jacqueline Sullivan’s workshop the end of March called Luscious Layers, creating abstract backgrounds for lettering.  A supply list is available from Cheryl.
**IAMPETH will be meeting Aug 6-11 this year in Milwaukee.  Registration opens March 17th.
**Bemis Art School is looking for teachers to teach 4-6 week classes. Please contact Tara at Bemis for more information.
**We were reminded of our responsibility to fill Commonwheel Gallery in Manitou this fall with original pieces to be hung on the wall and available for sale.  Any 3D pieces, such as books, are encouraged. 
**Kay came back for a surprise visit!!  She thanked the guild for all the cards that were sent to lift her spirits after leaving us last June.  She is only one of two known calligraphers in Grove, OK and has already taught one class on pencil Romans with the other woman and they plan to teach more classes in the future.  Perhaps they can get a guild started out there.
**Yves Leterme has a new 4-6 week on-line class on Romans if anyone would like to look into that.
**Kim passed around backing and spine pieces to be covered at home prior to next month’s book-binding presentation. She said silk ribbon is an acceptable thread to use. Basic copy paper can be used for the sections.

Show & Share:
**Mary shared her paper-cut PEACE card done in an on-line paper-craft class.  She also had 3 cards featuring paper weaving.
**Kimmi created a “Bird Lady” with reprints to sell at Commonwheel and shared another piece she plans to submit.
**Tom showed us a gorgeous hummingbird photo he digitally manipulated.

Evening Presentation:

**Cecelia handed out copies of our guild logo in 2 sizes and a corresponding sheet of freezer paper.  We were to tape the logo to the freezer paper and cut the logos out with an exacto knife.  We had a choice of black or white fabric paint.  Once we cut out the stencil, we were to iron it onto our laundered fabric/apron/bag and after making sure it was properly secured, we were to stipple the fabric paint carefully over the stencil, being careful of the cut-out counter spaces.  Once we were happy with the amount of paint we had applied, we lifted the stencil off and left it to dry for 24 hours before using a dry iron to heat set it at home.  It was a great project with an understanding for making our own stencils in the future.  Thanks, Cecelia!

Mary's Paper Weaving I
Mary's Paper Weaving II
Mary's Paper Weaving III

Mary's PEACE
Kimmi's Bird Lady


Tom's Hummingbird

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