Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Minutes from May

Meeting Minutes 10 May 2011
22 present

The meeting started at 7 pm after some “shopping time” spent looking at paper, mats, frames, books, and ribbon Lonnie had to part with. All donations were added to the guild funds, per Lonnie’s request. THANK YOU!! Lonnie!
Cecelia made a few quick announcements and asked for any additions from the members. *Kristen Doty is planning on coming out for our fall workshop.
*The next play date will be next Saturday the 21st at Cecelia’s where we’ll be stenciling her logo SUMMIT SCRIBES onto tee-shirts we bring washed from home.
*Pre-registration for the 2011 International Calligraphy Conference in Portland opens June 1st.
We had a time of show and tell from what we worked on last month (several Zentangle works of art!) Cheryl passed around her handouts from last month for those of us who weren’t able to make it.
Kay did a great job opening up the world of lettering on fabric to us. She brought washed muslin taped to boards for us to practice on and gave us tips and helpful hints along the way such as the best pens, pencils, and paints to use when writing on fabric. She told us the advantages of acrylic inks and paints and reminded us NOT to use them with our good brushes and to wash our nibs out right away! She encouraged us to look on line at textile printing or painting sites for more ideas.