Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 2013 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 12 Feb 2013
27 present

Welcome & Announcements:
            We welcomed 3 new faces as each one explained how she found us!
            Angie is lettering about 250 wedding invitations for a friend and asked if anyone recommended a good printer in town. 
            Cecelia announced this year’s meeting themes through August.  March-Ruling Pen (Sherry passed a sheet around if anyone wanted to order nibs/pens from Paper & Ink.), April-Uncial, May-assemble cupcake tiers, June-conference decorations (if needed) or book making, July-stuffing Goodie Bags/Potluck, August-Annual Picnic & Celebration.

Show and Tell:
            Kimmi showed us the kinds of glassware we are encouraged to start collecting from area thrift stores to create the cupcake tiers we’ll use at conference.  Please keep to clear glass or white porcelain (with maybe a touch of turquoise/tan) candy dishes, candlesticks, salt and pepper shakers, etc.  We’ll assemble them in TJ’s garage for our May meeting.

            Leslie showed us how we could decorate the three/four sheets of 90# watercolor paper she gave each of us using troweling tools, sponges, brushes, wire, etc with water and walnut ink.  There were accent colors people brought in turquoise/blues.  Once we covered our paper with ink, we swirled and painted, spritzed and sprayed color, and created cover papers for the One Day Vendor fliers that will go in each Goodie Bag.  Thanks for all your help gals (and Jim!).  Those who finished early and brought their own paper were free to create while the papers were drying.

Monday, February 4, 2013

January 2013 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 8 Jan 2013
17 present
(We met last month at Cecelia’s for our annual Christmas Card Exchange.)

Welcome & Announcements:
**No nominations were sent in for this month’s elections.  No nominations were offered from the floor.  Since last year’s officers are willing to remain on this year, we unanimously voted to keep them.
**Cecelia gave a brief overview of ideas for a few of this year’s meetings to help everyone be involved in preparing for our conference in July.  We’ll use one month to create the paper used for the One Day Vendor list that will go into the goodie bag, one month assembling the cupcake tiers, and one month, July, stuffing the goodie bags at Leslie’s.  We fielded ideas for the other months.  We might use a fall meeting to get a head start on Christmas cards and perhaps highlight some calligraphers past and present.  We liked the round robin approach we used last year, and may review/teach a hand such as Uncial in one of those. 
**Our website is on hold temporarily, but the blog is still active.  Candy will post the link in the eDigest as a reminder to visit it.  Monthly minutes and photos are posted there.

Show & Tell:
**Theresa brought four gorgeous folios she recently bought at an estate sale.  They were Latin Gregorian chants used by a choir master and estimated to be from the 17th or 18th century.  They were lettered on velum in red and black on both sides and framed with red velvet surrounding the exterior space within the gold frames.  Such a treasure to be sure!

Presentation:  Favorite Tools
**We went around the room and almost everyone had something to share from metallic brushes to punches to bone folders to templates to watercolor travel kits to masking tape and favorite pens.  It was terrific to gather ideas for our next shopping spree!