Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 2011 Meeting

Samples of homework/projects above and a few pictures of all the action making our Tyvek book covers! It was great fun, just like being in kindergarten again! Thanks, Candy!

Minutes from September

Meeting Minutes 13 Sept 2011
19 present

Welcome & Announcements:
**Cecelia welcomed everyone with a special note that former member Cindy Huwee, who is currently living in Germany , was back with us.
**No new information was shared from the floor. The FREE table was full and our homework/project drawing went to Leslie!
**Our next workshop will be November 5/6 with Krisitin Doty. All skill levels are welcomed to learn more about drawing for calligraphers.

**Candy presented a fun and easy way to create sturdy book covers using Tyvek fabric that can be purchased in small amounts at local kite shops. She passed out large, white Tyvek envelopes to each of us, thanks to Compassion Int., and asked us to open them up at the seam and lay them flat. (We could choose to crinkle them if we wanted added texture.) With several colors of acrylic paint on paper plates, we were instructed to coat our piece of Tyvek with water and paint away in any combination/pattern we chose.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back 2 Basics upcoming classes

To inspire you, our Guild is now offering Back 2 Basics classes.  Back 2 Basics  is a continuing series of classes that will be offered six times this year  Upcoming classes include:  Pointed Pen (Oct. 15) and Carolingian (Nov. 19).  Classes will run from 9 a.m. to noon.

All Guild members are invited to participate.  Registration is first-come, first-served, up to eight people per class.  The cost is $5 per class.  When you attend a class, paper, nib, nib holder & ink will be available for in-class use.  Catalogs for ordering your own supplies will be available.

The fifth Back 2 Basics class on Saturday, October 15th is  Italic taught by Candy Entingh.  

Registration will open on October 7th for this fifth class.  To reserve your spot, e-mail Sally Liverman at beginning on October 7th.  Only e-mails received on the 7th or after will be considered for registration.  Cost is only $5 and you’ll need to pay your $5 at the Guild meeting on October 11th or at the class. 

If you are one of the first eight to register, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail and the location of the class.  Each class will meet at one of the teacher’s homes, giving you the opportunity to see their workspace and tools.