Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 2012 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 12 Jun 2012
about 25 present

**We quickly shared what we might have done since we met last.
**Cecelia explained a bit about the preregistration process for the conference next year.  The guild members will still need to submit their registration money just like everyone else.  A refund can be given up to March 2013 and any offset costs will be considered.
**Our demonstration this month was learning how to make cards from recycled materials.  Mary demonstrated how we could carve a stamp from a cork to embellish cards.  She also used bark as a unique media for writing on.  Kimmi had several great ideas using junk mail to cut out letters or words to glue on the front of a card, and Tammi Jo showed us how to cut flower petals using patterned paper from the inside of envelopes and turning them into 3-D flowers.

3-D Flowers from Recycled Materials