Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 2012 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 13 Nov 2012
20 present

Welcome & Announcements:
**We welcomed Tammy and her 2 children Mike and Samantha to our meeting. Samantha’s high school art teacher recently taught painting with Sumi ink and she found out about our guild through Sherry.  We also welcomed Mallory who had been a student in one of Cecelia’s classes. 
**We discussed the Christmas party to be held 6 pm on Dec 8th at Cecelia’s.  Directions will be forthcoming in an eDigest.  Plan to bring an appetizer/finger food to share and 30 handmade cards.
**Kelly stood up to announce she and her husband are expecting their first child in April.  She looked so cute. 

Show & Tell:
**Kimmi was the only one to bring anything.  She had made cardholders out of a book of gnomes she had cut up.  She used an old lace skirt as an embellishment.  Very clever use of recycled materials. 

Presentation:  Italic Variation
**Candy had exemplars and showed us a few fanciful variations of Italic caps using a pointed pen and good ink jet paper.
**Deb shared some tips on making her whimsical letters by working ideas out in pencil.  She, too, had exemplars of other artists to spur our creativity.
**Karen was supposed to share what she learned from Denis Brown, but she was accosted in the parking lot at Kohl’ before coming to guild.  We missed her input.