Monday, October 15, 2012

October 2012 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 9 Oct 2012
23 present

Show & Tell:
**We started with Show and Tell since we’d been crunched for time the last couple of meetings and it was good to see what people have been practicing, piecing together, and creating.

Welcome & Announcements:
**Springs Paper has opened on the SE corner of Maizeland and Academy since Xpedx closed.  Coupons were passed out to encourage us to shop there!
**Please start saving wire hangers to use in the dorm rooms during conference.  We will collect them sometime next spring. 

**Diane F. from Boulder came down to show us how to make paper booklets as small journals or cards.  We folded a 5 ½” x 12” sheet of paste paper/text-wove/semi-stiff paper into a tri-fold and stitched lighter weight papers inside to create a booklet.  Arches Text Wove, Canson’s Mi Tienes, or charcoal papers work really well for this project.  Thin papers, papers with loose gouache, or lined patterns would not be suitable.  PVA glue is her glue of choice so the paper doesn’t wrinkle.  Thank you, Diane!  

Cecelia's Pumpkin


Deb's Boxed Books

A peek inside one of Deb's creations

A piece Sally did at Conference

Sample tri-fold booklet