Saturday, July 22, 2017

July 2017 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 11 July 2017
23 present (1 guest)

Welcome & Announcements:
**We welcomed our guest, Lynn McMillen, to our meeting.
**Candy will collect the cards and/or bookmarks for Kay and send them to her new address in OK.
**Candy will also collect the items we bring for the silent auction next month.  Leslie and Sherry will run the show and all proceeds will benefit West Side Cares.
**There is a fabric and paper design class at Cottonwood Gallery Sept 16th from 1-5 pm that includes a printing set up for a reasonable fee.  Contact Cecelia for more details.
**Sign-up for Jemma Black’s workshop will begin at the end of the month on a first come-first serve basis.  Registrations with in the postmarked dates will be collected and randomly selected if there are more than 15 registrants.  There will be a wait-list in that case for the 2-day workshop at Cottonwood, most likely dealing with Versals.
**Denis Brown published a new book in June, “Brown Calligraphy”, and presently available only from his website
**The Lending Library is always available during our meetings.  Please take some time to see what we have in that big suitcase Karen lugs back and forth from her home each month!
**Conference Update, LetterWorks 2017:  5 from our guild attended the recent International Conference in Utah last month.  Cheryl took Sherri Lovler’s ½-week class ‘Painting Poetry’ working with design elements and creating abstracts by making cool marks and her ‘Big Magic: Taking Calligraphy Out of the Box’.  Kimmi took Suzanne Moore’s ‘Studies in Contrast’ painting techniques/book making class.  Cindy took Jane Shibada’s ‘Uncialicious’ ½-week class on modern pointed pen along with Suzanne Cunningham’s ‘Beginning Modern Script Variations’.  Cecelia also took Sherri Lovler’s ‘Painting Poetry’ class focusing on design backgrounds, foregrounds, and mid-color. Deb also went, but was sick tonight.  Everyone said they got a lot out of their classes and there was still accolades about how wonderful our conference had been.

Show & Share:
**Cecelia shared some of her work from conference with us.

Evening Presentation:
**Carole did a fabulous job pulling all her resources together to present an overview of color, color harmonies, and color theory, explaining terms, demonstrating color with a sampling of her quilts, and providing handouts with her best advice on color palettes and color wheels to just name a couple things with suggestions if we’d like more information.  We even learned that using a small piece of red cellophane allows us to see the value of a color more clearly!  She set up 3 stations for us to explore more on color with one table set up for trying out a wide variety of colored pencils from across the globe, giving us an opportunity to see which ones we liked best.  It was a ton of material to cover in just one night, but she did a fantastic job!

Sample Name-tag Cecelia and helpers created for conference 
Leather pouch created by Cecelia!
Cecelia's Show & Share

Cecelia's Marks 

Carole's Presentation