Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 2012 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 14 Aug 2012
22 present           

Welcome & Announcements:
**We had one new visitor who had never been to a guild meeting before.  What a treat!
**4 gals went to IAMPETH in Milwaukee and had a great time with their pointed pens.
**Martin Conrad taught a 5-week book binding class at Pikes Peak Community College this summer.  Look him up on facebook at “Binders Keepers” under Book Arts or consider taking a class form him this fall.
**The rest of the year plays out like this...Sept will be envelopes with Deb, Oct will be backgrounds with Cecelia, Nov will be flourishing with Cheryl, and Dec will be our annual Christmas Party. 
**No new news concerning Back2Basics.
**Cecelia will do Neuland for Sept Play Day.

Show & Tell:
**Several brought what they did at IAMPETH while a few shoed us what they have been working on. 

**With Conference next July, we wanted to use this month to educate and inform the members about what we have planned and present the committees and what is involved.  Each committee chair presented their responsibilities in hopes of recruiting volunteers.  Please see Kathie Hutchison if you would like to help in any way.  She is the Volunteer Chair. 
Candy-Faculty Liason
Malinda/Diane-Weeklong Store
Kathy S-Print Materials
Leslie-Vendors/Market Night/Goody Bags
Tammi Jo-Transportation/Excursions

Karen's Mugs
Kim's Bookcover
Kim's Bookbinding
Candy's find from IAMPETH

things from IAMPETH