Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 2013 Meeting

We enjoyed our annual picnic/potluck at Cheryl's this year on her gorgeous new deck! We sampled a variety of salads and great desserts, and to sweeten the deal afterwards, Cecelia read several thank you notes and glowing reports she's received from faculty and participants that spawned a time of sharing comments we heard and experiences we had at conference.  Leftovers from conference like paper towels and cups and snacks and decorations Deb created were laid out in the driveway to be gone through before it got dark.  Donations for what we took home were to be given to the guild.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Conference Show & Share

We had such a wonderful time hosting the 32nd International Calligraphy Conference the last week of July.  Here are a just a few pictures from our Show & Share time where each class presented the work they did during the week for all to see.  I couldn't get around to everyone, so those not pictured are Brody Neuenschwander:Developing Meaning, Pat Musick:Enamel Lettering, Nancy Culmone:The Mutable Majascule/Chroma Maxima, Peter Thornton:The Magic Ingredient/Modern and Built-Up Caps, Laurie Doctor:Resolute Imagery, Stephen Rapp:Photoshop 4 Calligraphers/ Lettering By Design, Kristen Doty:Luscious Layered Lettering/Watercolor Techniques, Yves Leterme:Pointed Brush, Judy Melvin:Neuland With Script, Suzanne Moore:Surface and Sequence, Cherryl Moote:All Sewn Up.
PS.  If you have pictures of those missing, please send to me and I'll update this post.

Yves Leterme: Watchful Experimenting

Harvest Crittenden: Designing Creative Capitals 

Randall Hasson: A Layered Journal

Denis Brown: Italics: Knowing The Family

Jill Berry: An Intimate Atlas

Cherryl Moote: Sleight Of Binding

Carl Rohrs: Everything and The Sink

Jake Weidmann: Copperplate

Louise Grunewald: Letters From The Sun

Yukimi Annand: Text and Texture

Judy Melvin: Improv Studio

John Stevens: Two Lines Interacting

Renee Jorgensen: Storybook Illumination

Lisa Englebrecht: Text and Textile

Ewan Clayton: Love and Joy about Letters

Ewan Clayton: An American Uncial