Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 2012 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 13 Nov 2012
20 present

Welcome & Announcements:
**We welcomed Tammy and her 2 children Mike and Samantha to our meeting. Samantha’s high school art teacher recently taught painting with Sumi ink and she found out about our guild through Sherry.  We also welcomed Mallory who had been a student in one of Cecelia’s classes. 
**We discussed the Christmas party to be held 6 pm on Dec 8th at Cecelia’s.  Directions will be forthcoming in an eDigest.  Plan to bring an appetizer/finger food to share and 30 handmade cards.
**Kelly stood up to announce she and her husband are expecting their first child in April.  She looked so cute. 

Show & Tell:
**Kimmi was the only one to bring anything.  She had made cardholders out of a book of gnomes she had cut up.  She used an old lace skirt as an embellishment.  Very clever use of recycled materials. 

Presentation:  Italic Variation
**Candy had exemplars and showed us a few fanciful variations of Italic caps using a pointed pen and good ink jet paper.
**Deb shared some tips on making her whimsical letters by working ideas out in pencil.  She, too, had exemplars of other artists to spur our creativity.
**Karen was supposed to share what she learned from Denis Brown, but she was accosted in the parking lot at Kohl’ before coming to guild.  We missed her input. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

October 2012 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 9 Oct 2012
23 present

Show & Tell:
**We started with Show and Tell since we’d been crunched for time the last couple of meetings and it was good to see what people have been practicing, piecing together, and creating.

Welcome & Announcements:
**Springs Paper has opened on the SE corner of Maizeland and Academy since Xpedx closed.  Coupons were passed out to encourage us to shop there!
**Please start saving wire hangers to use in the dorm rooms during conference.  We will collect them sometime next spring. 

**Diane F. from Boulder came down to show us how to make paper booklets as small journals or cards.  We folded a 5 ½” x 12” sheet of paste paper/text-wove/semi-stiff paper into a tri-fold and stitched lighter weight papers inside to create a booklet.  Arches Text Wove, Canson’s Mi Tienes, or charcoal papers work really well for this project.  Thin papers, papers with loose gouache, or lined patterns would not be suitable.  PVA glue is her glue of choice so the paper doesn’t wrinkle.  Thank you, Diane!  

Cecelia's Pumpkin


Deb's Boxed Books

A peek inside one of Deb's creations

A piece Sally did at Conference

Sample tri-fold booklet

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 2012 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 11 Sept 2012
21 present

Welcome and Announcements:
**We tried once again to watch the video Carole R. put together form the conference in Portland, but just couldn’t get it to work. 
Cecelia had pre-registration forms to pass out to anyone who wanted to attend this year’s conference.  We aren’t sure what the discount for guild members will be at present.  It is possible to take one ½ week class making it very affordable for commuters.
**Cecelia will be teaching a Back2Basis class in Neuland at her new house this Sat. Sept 15.  She will also be teaching a class at Bemis this fall on Roman Caps. 

Show & Tell:
**Since we used more time than planned trying to get the video up and running, we opted to forego our show and tell time to give our instructors enough time during the rest of the meeting.

Presentation:  Decorated Envelopes
**We were divided up into 3 groups and worked at round tables with each gal demonstrating a different set of ideas.
**Deb had a template she made up of a folded envelope with 3 different suggested uses for it.  She included dry embossing and whimsy as only Deb can. 
**Karen W had several folded envelope ideas using scrapbook papers.  Very cool and origami-like.  She also had velum papers to cut and line our envelopes with making them look special. 
**Sherry put us to work letter Spencerian/Copperplate addresses on various colored and textured envelopes.  She showed us just how quick it can be to send a beautifully lettered note to a loved one. 
Thank you, girls!  

Cheryl's Zentangles

Deb's Hearts

Cheryl's Wedding Envelopes

Flourished envelope sent to Sherry by Tom Kemp

Work by Heather held

Envelope By Deb

A pop-up by Deb

Deb's creation

Deb's design

Karen W's fun-folded envelopes

Sherry's Spencerian

Beautiful letters by Sherry

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 2012 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 14 Aug 2012
22 present           

Welcome & Announcements:
**We had one new visitor who had never been to a guild meeting before.  What a treat!
**4 gals went to IAMPETH in Milwaukee and had a great time with their pointed pens.
**Martin Conrad taught a 5-week book binding class at Pikes Peak Community College this summer.  Look him up on facebook at “Binders Keepers” under Book Arts or consider taking a class form him this fall.
**The rest of the year plays out like this...Sept will be envelopes with Deb, Oct will be backgrounds with Cecelia, Nov will be flourishing with Cheryl, and Dec will be our annual Christmas Party. 
**No new news concerning Back2Basics.
**Cecelia will do Neuland for Sept Play Day.

Show & Tell:
**Several brought what they did at IAMPETH while a few shoed us what they have been working on. 

**With Conference next July, we wanted to use this month to educate and inform the members about what we have planned and present the committees and what is involved.  Each committee chair presented their responsibilities in hopes of recruiting volunteers.  Please see Kathie Hutchison if you would like to help in any way.  She is the Volunteer Chair. 
Candy-Faculty Liason
Malinda/Diane-Weeklong Store
Kathy S-Print Materials
Leslie-Vendors/Market Night/Goody Bags
Tammi Jo-Transportation/Excursions

Karen's Mugs
Kim's Bookcover
Kim's Bookbinding
Candy's find from IAMPETH

things from IAMPETH

Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 2012 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 12 Jun 2012
about 25 present

**We quickly shared what we might have done since we met last.
**Cecelia explained a bit about the preregistration process for the conference next year.  The guild members will still need to submit their registration money just like everyone else.  A refund can be given up to March 2013 and any offset costs will be considered.
**Our demonstration this month was learning how to make cards from recycled materials.  Mary demonstrated how we could carve a stamp from a cork to embellish cards.  She also used bark as a unique media for writing on.  Kimmi had several great ideas using junk mail to cut out letters or words to glue on the front of a card, and Tammi Jo showed us how to cut flower petals using patterned paper from the inside of envelopes and turning them into 3-D flowers.

3-D Flowers from Recycled Materials

Saturday, May 19, 2012

May Marbling

Our Play Day this month was a FABULOUS time marbling on Arches Text wove!  Jim and Elma were the back bone while Kay fleshed it all out.  We got down and dirty and Cheryl even marbled her neon yellow sneakers!  I only took pictures of my papers, (sorry!), but we had a whole clothes line FULL of papers waiting to dry.  Jim set everything up in Tammi Jo's garage the day before and we had a great turn out.  We'd like to say a special THANK YOU to Jim for all his time, help, and generosity!  Wouldn't it be nice to thank him by writing a note on some of the paper you created? 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 2012 Meeting

This month we were honored to have Jake Weidmann as our special guest lecturer.  We started out with a hearty potluck and he began with a brief history of Spencerian, the truly American Script.  He progressed from English Roundhand/Copperplate and hopped across the pond in the mid to late 1800’s with the Engravers and Engrossers scripts and landed where his passion lies in Spencerian.  He showed us several samples of well-known pen artists/calligraphers from Michael Sull’s second Volume of Spencerian Script and Ornamental Penmanship: Early American Handwriting and answered any and all of our questions.  Jake showed us slides of his own work and some were displayed on a table for sale along with a few of his handmade pens.  Our meeting went a little longer than usual, but no one seemed to mind. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March 2012 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 13 March 2012
23 present
Welcome & Announcements:
**Cecelia called us to order at 6:45 and showed us the invitation she received on behalf of the guild to Jake Weidmann’s debut on the 31st.
**She let us know Lettered and Bound is a good publication and not as “stuffy” as Letter Arts Review.
**Play Day/card day is this Saturday, March 17th 9:30 –noon at Tammi Jo’s. We’ll be making cards for the community basket or working on our own projects. Some will bring their Cricut or Silhouette machine for us to cut dies.
**Leslie has a Community Basket she’ll bring each month for us to put our donated cards into.
No Show & Tell:
**Kay, Kathy, and Sherry each had a table with roughly 6 of us and about 20 minutes to demonstrate a form of decorated versal. It was a tight squeeze on time, but we came away more inspired as a result.
**Kay gave a cursory review of gilding, had informational handouts, and had us paint a diapered background in red and gold gouache.
**Kathy came with a scanned color image of the word “courage” she had done for us to model. She explained how we were to fill the copy in with 2 colors of gouache.
**Sherry had 2 squares of ABC versals for us to make little flowers with watercolor pencils and iridescent dots on one and shading with watercolor pencils and zentangles on the other.
Special Announcement:
**After several weeks of prayerful consideration, Cecelia announced the Board’s recommendation to host the National Conference here in the Springs next July 2013 at Colorado College. She explained how the idea grew and what actions she’s taken to investigate the real possibility of us hosting such a grand event in the calligraphy world. There will be a lot of work to do, but we are a strong guild with active members willing to work together to make this great. There will be an informational meeting after the Play Day at Tammi Jo’s this Saturday at noon. 

Kay's Samples

Kathy's Samples
Sherry's Samples

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 2012 Meeting

We had such a terrific turn out as we welcomed 5 new guests! Kathy introduced us to Traditional Versals, gave us a little history, and provided us with handouts and plenty of examples. She demonstrated how to execute these fun letters and we were able to try our hand at it with one of her exemplars. The following two pictures are her renditions of versals in a modern context. Doesn't she do great work? Thank you, Kathy!


Deb's card

Sherry and Carole's



Cheryl and Kathy S