Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 2013 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 12 Mar 2013
26 Present

Welcome & Announcements:
            We had several new visitors, which was a boost to our egos!  We warmly welcomed them and went around the room introducing ourselves.  Cecelia gave a brief overview of what a typical meeting looks like and a few things we do each year.  We plan on having Yves Leterme come for a workshop next year.  Next month we’ll be learning Uncial from Pat Musik.  In May, we’ll be assembling the cupcake tiers in Tammi Jo’s garage.  In July we’ll be stuffing the goodie/messenger bags for conference, and in August we’ll be celebrating the end of conference with our annual picnic.
            Karen is our Librarian who faithfully brings a suitcase of books with her to each meeting.  If you have extra books on hand, the guild library would be a nice place to house them.  She also passed around the conference volunteer sign-up sheet. 
            Leslie let us know about SpringsPaper, a paper supply store that took the place of XPedx, on Academy and Maizeland.  She told us of another store she discovered that buys/sells/trades used scrap booking supplies.  Scrap4Less is on Academy and Austin Bluffs.  If you go to Archivers and are given 5 free sheets of brown cardstock, any of the darker shades of brown would be good as backings for the One Day Vendor booklets we’ll be assembling soon.

Show & Tell:
            Kim showed us 3 cupcake tiers she assembled from odds and ends she bought at Goodwill.  Glass or porcelain plates, bowls, and/or short candlesticks/salt and peppershakers are glued together with Liquid Nails.  Start collecting yours to make in May for conference.  Sherry and Jacqui had cards they made and Cecelia showed us some of the practice work she’s been doing to fulfill her ” 100 days of lettering”, a challenge to sit and practice something every single day.

            Cecelia gave a brief introduction to the folded pen by showing examples of past prototypes starting with the drafting tool, moving to the ruling writer, to Jim Chin’s butterfly, moth, and firefly pens, to what we have now which can be ordered from Paper and Ink.  Brody Neuenschwanderm has a 5-part video on YouTube from the International Exhibition of Calligraphy on making and using the ruling pen.  We had handouts of sample ruling pen lettering and Cecelia demonstrated angles and letterforms for us to practice.  It was a great meeting met with lots of enthusiasm.  Thanks, Cecelia!

Our guild hard at work

Cecelia demonstrating with a homemade ruling pen

Kim's Cupcake Tiers