Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back 2 Basics Classes Registration

To inspire you, our Guild is now offering Back 2 Basics classes.  Back 2 Basics is a continuing series of classes that will be offered six times this year.  We’ll be covering Foundational (Feb.19), Uncial (April 23), Gothic (June 18), Italic (Aug. 20), Pointed Pen (Oct. 15) and Carolingian (Nov. 19).  Classes will run from 9 a.m. to noon.
All Guild members are invited to participate.  Registration is first-come, first-served, up to eight people per class.  The cost is $5 per class.  When you attend a class, paper, nib, nib holder & ink will be available for in-class use.  Catalogs for ordering your own supplies will be available.
The first class on Saturday, Feb.19th is Back 2 Basics Intro to Calligraphy and Foundational taught by Sally Liverman and Cecelia Harris.  The Intro to Calligraphy part will cover terminology, using a linex guide for lining your paper, choosing inks, a review of the ‘always list’, and set-up of your workspace.  Then, Cecelia will instruct us in the Foundational hand.  
Registration opens January 29th for the first class.  To reserve your spot, e-mail Sally Liverman at springsS_9@msn.  Cost is only $5 and you’ll need to pay your $5 per class at the Guild meeting on February 8th. 
If you are one of the first eight, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail and the location of the class.  Each class will meet at one of the teacher’s homes, giving you the opportunity to see their workspace and tools. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Be Proactive

Be proactive 
Remember the phrase plan ahead?  Think through your year and the projects you’ll need to complete for each month.  Think about those birthday cards you always mean to do and that Christmas card that always seems to sneak up on you.  Make a master list so that as you have opportunity, you can do a bit of work on these projects as time permits.  If possible estimate how much time each project needs.  Assign a priority number to each so that you can choose wisely where to spend your time.  Post this list in your studio so you see it every time you come in to do some work.  

time estimate
project description

Appointments with Myself

This year I am working on a project, surveying members of our guild, ferreting out the 'Habits of Successful Scribes'. Here are some of my thoughts.

Every week I have two recurring appointments with myself. From 9-12 a.m. every Monday and Tuesday I ignore the telephone, make e-mail wait and make the discipline of calligraphy my priority. My friends know that if they call, I’m not available. When in my studio, I start by lining up a few pages in my journal, including slant lines. At the top of the page, I put the date and note the linix markings. Then, I take the bulletin from the church service on Sunday, choose a selection of scripture or the confession and use one of my two hands to write it out in pencil. Next, I line up some good paper and use ink! This produces continuity over time and more immediately, springboards me forward my getting my hand and eye engaged. Now I’m ready to move on to one of my pending projects.


I am so excited about a purchase I made this summer. It's a small light pad that works wonderfully. It measures almost 12" x 15" with the illuminated area 9" x 12". It has a super bright light that allows you to see through even some heavy papers. I have a piece of Brenda's graph paper taped to it and I can see the lines through Diploma Parchment, to give you an idea.

I have a tendency to write with my letters leaning backwards, so having the graph paper there to reference is sure handy. If you are addressing a bunch of envelopes, this table would be invaluable.

I bought the pad from Paper & Ink Arts. The name is ArtOGraph's Light Pad A930. I think she has two sizes available. In the photos, you can see that I have mine propped up on a book to allow a slight slant. It stays in place really well.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Graceful Envelope Contest

Graceful Envelope Contest: Call for Entries
Posted by: Contest Coordinator
Date: Sat Jan 15, 2011

Calligraphers everywhere are invited to participate in the 2011 Graceful
Envelope Contest, conducted by the Washington (DC) Calligraphers Guild
under the sponsorship of the National Association of Letter Carriers.
The contest is open to all ages, with two separate categories for
children. There is no entry fee.

This year's theme, "Time Flies," was inspired by the 35th anniversary of
the Washington Calligraphers Guild. But time is more than the passing of
hours, days and years. So design an envelope that explores good times,
quality time, the times of our lives, time travel, or any other idea you
have time to develop. Address the envelope artistically to:
The Graceful Envelope Contest
Washington Calligraphers Guild
P.O. Box 3688
Merrifield, VA 22116

Envelopes must be postmarked by Saturday, April 30, 2011. There is no
entry fee (and no prizes other than nice certificates)! The complete
Call for Entries is posted on the Washington Calligraphers Guild website

This is the contest's 17th year. The Smithsonian Institution's National
Postal Museum created and administered it until delegating
responsibility to the Washington Calligraphers Guild in 2001. The
National Association of Letter Carriers agreed to partner with us to
sponsor the contest and exhibit the winners. Winning envelopes are also
exhibited online at

Please spread the word among your calligraphic colleagues (and local
schools, because there are two separate categories for children).
Contest details and a flier suitable for newsletters and posting are at (or here if that doesn't work)

So take time to enter the Graceful Envelope Contest and enjoy
yourself--since "Time Flies" when you're having fun!

--Lorraine Swerdloff of the Washington Calligraphers Guild
Graceful Envelope Contest coordinator

***Look here for last year's winners!

Minutes from January

Meeting Minutes 11 January 2011
22 present

**Since the current board agreed to remain in place for another year with no new nominations, a simple vocal vote was made making it official. Cecelia Harris-President Kathie Hutchison-Vice President, Candy Entingh-Treasurer, Tammi Jo Klajnbart-Secretary, Deb Strawn and Kay Dingwell-Workshop Chairs, Sherry Weaver-Communications, Dixie Manzanares-Community Outreach.
**Cecelia announced the advent of our new “news-blast” in the form of an e-Digest. It will come from Candy as an e-mail at least once a month to start with and have all kinds of information from business to announcements to items of calligraphic/arts interest for our members. We were encouraged to send anything of interest to her. We’d like to use a bulk of our meeting time for our monthly topics, demonstrations, and sharing what we brought in as “home” work.
**We have a Facebook account for people outside of our guild to find us.
**Tammi Jo will be updating our Summit Scribes blog regularly.
**Monthly meeting topics were announced, but the order and who will be teaching them is still in flux.
**We plan to have 6 foundational 3-hour workshops every other month, most likely on a Saturday morning. Although it will be aimed at educating beginners, anyone is welcome. We plan on having play dates on the “off” months.
**Weekend workshop fees will remain at $75.00. Carl Rohrs will be offering a 3 part workshop focused on individual needs/areas of interest. He will be here in March, April, and May.
**We had a time of show-and-tell for each one who brought something to share what she had worked on during the past month. We were all encouraged to bring something, even if it isn’t finished or wouldn’t be considered a “major” project.
**Cecelia showed us ready-made ruling pens, from the original drafting-styled pen to brass ones we can purchase from Pen & Ink. She showed us how to make ruling pen nibs cut from soda cans and taped to small wooden dowels. She demonstrated how to use them, had exemplars at our seats to follow, and came around to see if we were having any trouble.
**The meeting ended just before 9 pm.

Photos from our January Meeting

We made ruling pen nibs cut from soda cans and taped to wooden dowels.

Cecelia demonstrated the basics as well as fun techniques with her own hand-made ruling pen. The guild's new projector was a HUGE help!

A collection of projects that were brought in

Carol Rudy showed us a pen-nib she made from sections of Stim-U-Dents during our sharing time.

Friday, January 14, 2011

ruling pen

Here are a couple of pieces done by Nathalie Beelprez from Belgium. Kay, Leslie & I met her when we were there. I'm pretty sure the bottom one was done with the ruling pen and perhaps the others? They are inspiring, either way. Hope you all are still playing around with this wonderful tool.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Likeable Links

Here are some fun links I thought I'd share with you.

Want to know more about iron-gall ink? How about fun crafts for your kids or grandkids? Next month we're going to be exploring the wonderful world of Zentangle. Get brushed up here. Tired of all the same old fonts and want to use something new and exciting? Do you have a favorite place to buy wholesale art supplies? Hope these links spark an interest and a willingness to share some of your own finds!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tips, Tricks, and Trade Secrets

We want an aspect of this blog to be a sharing of ideas. A sharing of tips we've learned, tricks we use, and secrets of this wonderful trade. If you would like to post something you think would fall under this heading, please make sure to "label" the post.

To "label" a post after you have written something, all you have to do is start to type 'Tips, Tricks, and Trade Secrets' in the open text box at the bottom of the posting text page. You can find the Tips, Tricks, and Trade Secrets label (tag, topic) on the sidebar along with the Calendar of Events, Birthdays, and Recommended Books.

Happy Day!!

Happy Birthday

Please take a look to see that your name and birth-date are correct! If something is amiss, please let me know and I'll make the necessary changes. I'll update the list when the new roster is available. This list will also be readily accessible through a link on the sidebar. Thanks! TJ

  • Jan 14 - Karen W
  • Feb 5 - Cecelia H
  • Feb 6 - Joyce M
  • Feb 9 - Toni R
  • Feb 20 - Evelyn W
  • Feb 21 - Kay D
  • Feb 23 - Elma W
  • Mar 25 - Cathie G
  • Apr 12 - Kathy S
  • Apr 27 - Jacque T
  • May 3 - Karen S
  • May 14 - Cheryl C
  • May 16 - Karen M
  • May 23 - Carol W
  • Jun 6 - Angie T
  • Jun 11 - Leslie B
  • Jun 20 - Jill B
  • Jun 21 - Lynn S
  • Jun 24 - Gretchen M
  • Jul 12 - Kathie H
  • Jul 17 - Mary R
  • Jul 28 - Patty S
  • Jul 30 - Judy J
  • Aug 2 - Dixie M
  • Aug 5 - Kristen M
  • Sep 1 - Sharon H
  • Sep 15 - Sally L
  • Sep 20 - Carole R
  • Oct 2 - Jerry H
  • Nov 1 - Sherry W
  • Nov 10 - Lonnie W
  • Nov 13 - Margie A
  • Dec 2 - Deb S
  • Dec 2 - Tammi Jo K
  • Dec 11 - Candy E