Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 2012 Meeting

Meeting Minutes 11 Sept 2012
21 present

Welcome and Announcements:
**We tried once again to watch the video Carole R. put together form the conference in Portland, but just couldn’t get it to work. 
Cecelia had pre-registration forms to pass out to anyone who wanted to attend this year’s conference.  We aren’t sure what the discount for guild members will be at present.  It is possible to take one ½ week class making it very affordable for commuters.
**Cecelia will be teaching a Back2Basis class in Neuland at her new house this Sat. Sept 15.  She will also be teaching a class at Bemis this fall on Roman Caps. 

Show & Tell:
**Since we used more time than planned trying to get the video up and running, we opted to forego our show and tell time to give our instructors enough time during the rest of the meeting.

Presentation:  Decorated Envelopes
**We were divided up into 3 groups and worked at round tables with each gal demonstrating a different set of ideas.
**Deb had a template she made up of a folded envelope with 3 different suggested uses for it.  She included dry embossing and whimsy as only Deb can. 
**Karen W had several folded envelope ideas using scrapbook papers.  Very cool and origami-like.  She also had velum papers to cut and line our envelopes with making them look special. 
**Sherry put us to work letter Spencerian/Copperplate addresses on various colored and textured envelopes.  She showed us just how quick it can be to send a beautifully lettered note to a loved one. 
Thank you, girls!  

Cheryl's Zentangles

Deb's Hearts

Cheryl's Wedding Envelopes

Flourished envelope sent to Sherry by Tom Kemp

Work by Heather held

Envelope By Deb

A pop-up by Deb

Deb's creation

Deb's design

Karen W's fun-folded envelopes

Sherry's Spencerian

Beautiful letters by Sherry