Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 2012 Meeting

We had such a terrific turn out as we welcomed 5 new guests! Kathy introduced us to Traditional Versals, gave us a little history, and provided us with handouts and plenty of examples. She demonstrated how to execute these fun letters and we were able to try our hand at it with one of her exemplars. The following two pictures are her renditions of versals in a modern context. Doesn't she do great work? Thank you, Kathy!


Deb's card

Sherry and Carole's



Cheryl and Kathy S

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Minutes from February

Meeting Minutes 14 Feb 2012
32 present

Welcome & Announcements
**We started our meeting promptly at 6:45. Cecelia announced the upcoming Back to Basics Copperplate class being offered this Saturday the 18th with Carole as the Back 2 Basics Point of Contact for the year. The next Play Day will be March 17th at Tammi Jo’s making cards as part of our community outreach to be sent to ill guild members, soldiers, etc. Future notices will be sent in the eDigest.
**Cecelia will be teaching a 3-week class on Roams to get those taking Peter Thornton’s workshop up to speed or for anyone wanting a solid introduction to Romans.
**Cheryl announced the workshop for April 28-30 and handed out practice sheets and information to those who signed up. The optional Monday class is filled with 10 people. The guild underwrites the cost of these workshops and offers them at $75.00 for 2 solid days.
**Cheryl offered to drive and make reservations for a field trip of sorts to Santa Fe, NM the end of March to see the pages of the St. John’s Bible that are on display until early April.
**The five new visitors, most from the Beamis class Lonnie and Cecelia’s teach, were introduced and welcomed.
**February is “dues month” and Kathy S. has made new membership cards for us.
**Evelyn passed around the snack sign up sheet for more volunteers.

Show & Tell
**Another good turn out and time to share what we’ve all been doing since we last met.

**Kathy did a superb job of presenting Traditional Versals in a concise fashion. She started with a slide show of historical examples, explained the Roman and Uncial influences, and provided us with a basic history and evolution. She had handouts with plenty of examples and several exemplars for us to study. She demonstrated the strokes on the overhead and asked us to follow along by copying one of the exemplars she had of several letters. We worked right up until it was time to clean up.