Sunday, January 16, 2011

Minutes from January

Meeting Minutes 11 January 2011
22 present

**Since the current board agreed to remain in place for another year with no new nominations, a simple vocal vote was made making it official. Cecelia Harris-President Kathie Hutchison-Vice President, Candy Entingh-Treasurer, Tammi Jo Klajnbart-Secretary, Deb Strawn and Kay Dingwell-Workshop Chairs, Sherry Weaver-Communications, Dixie Manzanares-Community Outreach.
**Cecelia announced the advent of our new “news-blast” in the form of an e-Digest. It will come from Candy as an e-mail at least once a month to start with and have all kinds of information from business to announcements to items of calligraphic/arts interest for our members. We were encouraged to send anything of interest to her. We’d like to use a bulk of our meeting time for our monthly topics, demonstrations, and sharing what we brought in as “home” work.
**We have a Facebook account for people outside of our guild to find us.
**Tammi Jo will be updating our Summit Scribes blog regularly.
**Monthly meeting topics were announced, but the order and who will be teaching them is still in flux.
**We plan to have 6 foundational 3-hour workshops every other month, most likely on a Saturday morning. Although it will be aimed at educating beginners, anyone is welcome. We plan on having play dates on the “off” months.
**Weekend workshop fees will remain at $75.00. Carl Rohrs will be offering a 3 part workshop focused on individual needs/areas of interest. He will be here in March, April, and May.
**We had a time of show-and-tell for each one who brought something to share what she had worked on during the past month. We were all encouraged to bring something, even if it isn’t finished or wouldn’t be considered a “major” project.
**Cecelia showed us ready-made ruling pens, from the original drafting-styled pen to brass ones we can purchase from Pen & Ink. She showed us how to make ruling pen nibs cut from soda cans and taped to small wooden dowels. She demonstrated how to use them, had exemplars at our seats to follow, and came around to see if we were having any trouble.
**The meeting ended just before 9 pm.

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