Saturday, January 22, 2011

Appointments with Myself

This year I am working on a project, surveying members of our guild, ferreting out the 'Habits of Successful Scribes'. Here are some of my thoughts.

Every week I have two recurring appointments with myself. From 9-12 a.m. every Monday and Tuesday I ignore the telephone, make e-mail wait and make the discipline of calligraphy my priority. My friends know that if they call, I’m not available. When in my studio, I start by lining up a few pages in my journal, including slant lines. At the top of the page, I put the date and note the linix markings. Then, I take the bulletin from the church service on Sunday, choose a selection of scripture or the confession and use one of my two hands to write it out in pencil. Next, I line up some good paper and use ink! This produces continuity over time and more immediately, springboards me forward my getting my hand and eye engaged. Now I’m ready to move on to one of my pending projects.

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  1. I have heard you say this before so I've been trying a variation of it myself. I set a timer on my computer (I'm a big fan of timers & I have a widget on my computer), light a candle & letter for the prescribed length of time. Right now I'm opting for an hour most days, just to stay in practice. Of course, I'd need more time if I was going to be working on a project.


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