Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Conference Show & Share

We had such a wonderful time hosting the 32nd International Calligraphy Conference the last week of July.  Here are a just a few pictures from our Show & Share time where each class presented the work they did during the week for all to see.  I couldn't get around to everyone, so those not pictured are Brody Neuenschwander:Developing Meaning, Pat Musick:Enamel Lettering, Nancy Culmone:The Mutable Majascule/Chroma Maxima, Peter Thornton:The Magic Ingredient/Modern and Built-Up Caps, Laurie Doctor:Resolute Imagery, Stephen Rapp:Photoshop 4 Calligraphers/ Lettering By Design, Kristen Doty:Luscious Layered Lettering/Watercolor Techniques, Yves Leterme:Pointed Brush, Judy Melvin:Neuland With Script, Suzanne Moore:Surface and Sequence, Cherryl Moote:All Sewn Up.
PS.  If you have pictures of those missing, please send to me and I'll update this post.

Yves Leterme: Watchful Experimenting

Harvest Crittenden: Designing Creative Capitals 

Randall Hasson: A Layered Journal

Denis Brown: Italics: Knowing The Family

Jill Berry: An Intimate Atlas

Cherryl Moote: Sleight Of Binding

Carl Rohrs: Everything and The Sink

Jake Weidmann: Copperplate

Louise Grunewald: Letters From The Sun

Yukimi Annand: Text and Texture

Judy Melvin: Improv Studio

John Stevens: Two Lines Interacting

Renee Jorgensen: Storybook Illumination

Lisa Englebrecht: Text and Textile

Ewan Clayton: Love and Joy about Letters

Ewan Clayton: An American Uncial

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