Monday, November 14, 2011

Minutes from November

Meeting Minutes 8 November 2011
24 present

Welcome & Announcements:
**Surveys were passed out for us to fill in and return to Kathie H asking what we liked about our programs, workshops, or topics last year and what we’d like to see in the coming year. The board plans to use the information to plan next year’s events.
**Cecelia would teach Carolingian at the next Back 2 Basics class on Saturday the 19th.
**Our new website is up and running. Hopefully anyone interested in lettering arts will be able to find us on the web. A bulk of news for our members will come through the e-Digest and/or the Summit Scribes blog.
**Cecelia asked for volunteers to help find and plan a spring retreat. Kathy S agreed to head that up with Cheryl, Tammi Jo, Mary R, and Karen S helping out.
**Forty-four actual pages of the St. John’s Bible will be on display in Santa Fe until April. Maybe a road trip is in order! If so, talk to Cheryl
**Cecelia passed around a Michael Jacobs paper folder/scoring tool she made from part of a paper clip with directions for making one ourselves.

Show & Tell:
**The FREE table was full again and there were several drawings from the Kristin Doty workshop as well as a variety of card ideas. Our homework/project drawing went to Cheryl.

**Deb, Carole R, Karen S, Kimmie, and Tammi Jo showed us how to make 5 different holiday gift tags from supplies they brought. Deb had a folding tag with a Christmas ball on the front, Carole die cut pieces of a city snow scene for us to assemble, Karen had a Christmas sticker on a red square with a red ribbon, Kimmie had us cut white circles and brown branches for our snowman, and TJ had us roll thin strips of paper to glue onto a stamped snowflake.

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