Friday, March 12, 2010

Thanks for your help getting on Cecelia, this is great. You had mentioned that there are on line classes. Where did you go to find them. I would love to learn a hand where I feel I can move above the crafter level. I also know it is the time factor and I would need to be commited to practice. Something I need to work on. Any advice is appreciated.


  1. I first looked on and also googled 'online calligraphy classes'. Thomas Ingmire used to have a fairly intense online class, but right now his internet site is down, so I don't know if he still does that. He would be a very good teacher. I'll also keep my eye out and ask around at the conference this summer. Another good resource is cyberscribes. It's an online newsgroup, although i'm not sure how to sign on. Again, there's probably a link from

  2. Thomas Ingmire was at conference last year he's work is amazing. I will check his site from time to time and also cyberscribes. Thanks for the info.


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